Do not buy a nutritional supplement before you read the following

How to Choose: 3 Steps !

Your supplement needs depend on your age, your lifestyle and the medical conditions you have. It is a personal choice, which ideally should be supervised by healthcare practitioners. We understand not everyone has easy access to qualified doctors. The mission of our website is to help you become an educated shopper, a smarter shopper, and a healthier version of you.

All supplements are not created equal; big brand names are not necessarily good; good brands may not carry every product you need. Before you buy supplements, we suggest you read How to Choose: 3 steps where we explain four typical channels to buy: brick-and-mortar stores, online stores,  multi level marketing (MLM),  and healthcare practitioner channel.

Our advice: choose three or four reputable brands, stick with them, and buy online!  Compared to visiting a local store,  you will find abundant choices at reasonable prices online, and the shipping charge is often waived if you buy enough quantity, for example $50. You may have to wait 2-4  business days for them to arrive, but the huge selection and reasonable pricing make it worthwhile. 

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