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Qunol® Liquid CoQ10, 100 mg – Orange Pineapple

#1 Cardiologist Recommended Form of CoQ10*

With superior absorption compared to regular1 CoQ10, Qunol® Liquid CoQ10 can help you reach optimal levels of CoQ10 quicker, so you can experience the potential benefits faster.

Water and Fat Soluble
The problem with regular1 CoQ10 supplements is that they do not dissolve in water and dissolve poorly in fat and, therefore, have poor absorption. Qunol® Liquid CoQ10 is different. Qunol® Liquid’s patented formulation is both water and fat-soluble and provides superior absorption compared to regular1 CoQ10.

Qunol® Liquid CoQ10 for Heart Health
Qunol® Liquid CoQ10 is a safe and natural way to support heart health. Your heart, which needs a constant supply of energy, has the highest concentration of CoQ10 of all the tissues in your body. CoQ10 has been shown to support healthy heart function and plays a vital role in helping you to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Beneficial to Statin Users3
Both cholesterol and CoQ10 are produced in the same pathway. Because statins work by blocking this pathway, they also block the production of CoQ10. Statins have been shown to lower CoQ10 levels by as much as 40% and the addition of a CoQ10 supplement to statin therapy can help rebuild CoQ10 levels.

Essential for Cellular Energy Production
CoQ10 is a naturally occurring nutrient-like coenzyme that plays an important role in the production of 95% of the energy used by our organs, and no other organ needs more energy than our hearts. Unfortunately, our CoQ10 levels may drop due to age, stress, and cholesterol-lowering statin therapy. Taking a CoQ10 supplement is the best way to increase your CoQ10 levels.

1 Regular CoQ10 refers to unsolubilized ubiquinone in oil suspensions in softgels and/or powder-filled caps/tablets.
2 Helps maintain healthy blood pressure already within a normal range.
3 Cholesterol-lowering statins can deplete the body’s natural levels of CoQ10. Qunol® can help replenish lost CoQ10 due to statin therapy. 

* IQVIA ProVoice Survey. Form refers to water and fat soluble CoQ10.

* CoQ10 is the #1 supplement recommended by cardiologists for patients taking a statin medication. IQVIA ProVoice Survey.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size:
2 tsps (10 ml) or 4 tsps (20 ml)

Amount Per Serving2 tsps (10 ml)4 tsps (20 ml)
% Daily Value% Daily Value
Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone, USP Grade)100 mg
200 mg
Natural Vitamin E

(as alpha-Tocopherol)

1 IU (4%)2 IU (8%)

*Daily Value not established

DIRECTIONS for 100 mg: Adults take two (2) teaspoons (10 ml) before, with, or after a meal, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.
DIRECTIONS for 200 mg:
 Adults take four (4) teaspoons (20 ml) before, with, or after a meal, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.
OTHER INGREDIENTS: Water, Natural Flavors, Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Sunflower Lecithin, Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate

FREE OF: Starch, Sugar, Soy, Yeast, Wheat, Milk Products.


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